Utopia Part 2 by K

K returns with the second in his new series of 1970s progressive and space rock mixes. His previous two series for us captured the sound of Los Angeles, from the Laurel Canyon inspired Flying Cloud sets to the disco era Summer Breeze mixes, but Utopia has a strong British theme running throughout. "It's interesting to me as a foreigner to find all these great British musicians. But this music is somehow uncool in the UK," says K. "Was it because your parents were listening to all this stuff?" 

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (I-III), 1975
Thirsty Moon - Crickets Don't Cry, 1975
Status Quo - A Year, 1972
Ashra - Midnight On Mars, 1977
Paul Clark - Another Victim, 1980
Barclay James Harvest - Someone There You Know, 1971
Stephen Stills - In The Way, 1975
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Circles, 1978
Legs Diamond - It's Not The Music, 1977
Buckingham / Nicks - Frozen Love, 1973
Led Zeppelin - Tangerine, 1970
Heartsfield - Shine On, 1974
Michael Chapman - Soulful Lady, 1970
Wishbone Ash - Ships In The Sky, 1978
Fleetwood Mac - Hypnotized "Live", 1975
Flint - Too Soon To Tell, 1979
Silver - No Wonder, 1976
Eddie Money - So Good To Be In love Again, 1977
Yes - Turn Of the Century, 1977
Can - Sunday Jam, 1979
Thin Lizzy - Fight Or Fall, 1976
Jonathan Wilson - New Mexico, 2013
Supertramp - Even In the Quietest Moments, 1977
Led Zeppelin - No Quarter, 1973
Wishbone Ash - Phoenix, 1970
Jonathan Kelly's Outside - Tempest, 1974

Download Part 2 / Part 1


Anonymous said…
This is great stuff man. Is there a download available?
Unknown said…
Re-up, please?

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