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EXCLUSIVE #65: AOR Disco Edits Volume 8 by DJ Same

Owner of a Lonely Heart (Disco Syndicate No Owner Edit) - Yes

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #64: Haze and Dazed - Weekend On The West Coast by Mark Taylor of La Homage

Echoes (Leroc Sportif Short Cut) - Pink Floyd

Andy Warhol (Leroy Schlimm Edit) - David Bowie

Fingermanedit's Adventures Beyond The Call Of Disco: AOR Sun Gazing

Ready 4 Airplay Volume 2 by Flashlites Productions

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #63: Easy To Love (La Homage Rodeo Drive Ride Edit) - Leo Sayer

KAT 45 Edits by Ole Smokey

Gimme The Goods (Northern Rascal Easy Street Edit) - Boz Scaggs

Wish You Were Here (Scratchandsniff's Sing It Again Re-rub) - Pink Floyd

New and Old Folk, Americana, Folk Rock and Some Other Stuff Mix by Graeme Fisher

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #62: Takin' It To The Streets (Northern Rascal Edit) - The Doobie Brothers

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #61: Kent Lake, Side B by Rob Theakston

Mama (Northern Rascal Balearic Beat 1996 Edit) - Genesis