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Ooh Child - Valerie Carter

Whatcha Gonna Do - Pablo Cruise

White Elephant Mixtape by Benjamin Smith

Never Let Her Slip Away (Northern Rascal Yacht Rock Edit) - Andrew Gold

Make It With You (Appo Remix) - Bread

Dancin' By Myself - Ambrosia

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #60: Like The Way I Do (NELUE Re-edit) - Melissa Etheridge

Welcome To My Nightmare (Dynamicron Be My Guest Edit) - Alice Cooper

Tribal Dance (Will's Edit) - Peter Green

Ciudad Express (Ole Smokey’s Non Stop To The Border Edit) - 39.4

Liberal Bite - Leftside Wobble

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #59: Whole Lotta Love (Dynamic Love Edit) - Kompleks

EXCLUSIVE #58 : Ole Smokey's Chopped 'n' Channeled Mix For AOR Disco

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #57: Georgy Porgy (Sloppy Seconds Remix) - Toto

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #56: Love Is In The Air (Quiet Storm Edit) - John Paul Young

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #55: Under The Gaslight by Martin Brew

Can't Find The Judge (Ole Smokey's No Justice Edit) - Gary Wright

Melanie - Player

AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #54: AOR Disco Edits Volume 7 by DJ Same

Dreams (Kill Them With Colour Remix) - Fleetwood Mac

B A L E A R I C A: Steve Lee ~ Man Who Stares At Balearic Goat

Time After Time - LeSale

Who's Right, Who's Wrong - Pages