EXCLUSIVE #58 : Ole Smokey's Chopped 'n' Channeled Mix For AOR Disco

Many thanks to Ole Smokey for this exclusive mix for AOR Disco. Although Ole Smokey isn't into club gigs anymore  - "I'll leave that to the young 'uns" - he is resident at the Garden Festival, Croatia and Mr Scruff’s Tea Tent at the Big Chill.  His focus now is on creating edits and he's one of the most prolific and eclectic producers we've featured on the site so far. Every edit on this mix is by Ole Smokey.  "If music be the food of love", he says. "Play on brother!"

01 David Essex - Rock On (Doing It For The Kids Edit) 
02 Terry Reid - Season Of The Witch (Witchfinder Inst Edit) 
03 J J Cale - Cherry (Morning Sunrise Edit) 
04 Krokodil - And I Know 
05 Captain Beefheart - Bluejeans & Moonbeams (Moonstone Sky Inst Edit) 
06 Randy Pie - Wintersong (Evening Sun Edit) 
07 Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me (Sweet As Edit) 
08 Double - The Captain Of Her Heart (Ships In The Night Edit) 
09 Batteaux - High Tide (Shooting Star Edit) 
10 America - Are You There (Cry To The Underground Edit) 
11 Alzo Fronte - Just Can't Get Along (Better Days Edit) 
12 Captain Beyond - Sufficiently Breathless 
13 Gene Pitney - Train Of Thought (Stop The Train Edit) 
14 CCR - Run Through The Jungle (Harmonicas Are Shite Inst Edit) 
15 Delaney & Bonny - Dirty Old Man 
16 Leslie West – Long Red (Shoot The Flute Edit} 
17 Bad Company - Feel Like Making Love (Golden Dreams Edit) 
18 Youngbloods - Get Together (For The People Edit) 
19 Latimore – For What It’s Worth (Battle Lines Edit) 
20 Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

Download / Check out other Ole Smokey mixes on Mixcloud


Anonymous said…
Incredible mix!....so much gold right here:)
Dr Steve said…
Nice one! Thanking you.
nigeyb said…
I heard some Ole Smokey stuff on Sean Rowley's show on BBC Radio Kent and was very impressed. I subsequently tracked down this mix. Gawd bless Ole Smokey and AOR Disco. Wonderful stuff. It's a strange and wonderful world. PS: Put me down for one of your splendid looking t-shirts.

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