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Digestif Mix by DJ Steef

Leather Disko Volume One by Ursula 1000

Ready 4 Airplay - Summer Radio Edition by Flashlites Productions

AOR Disco Party Featuring Balearic Social and Electric Disco

Fleetmac Wood Mix For AOR Disco (Volume One)

2012 BALEARIXX 02 by Zak Hamburg

Space Oddity (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix) - David Bowie

The Sound Of The Summer I Fell In Love With You by Nick Faber

Welcome Aboard Volume One

A Break In The Clouds by Coyote

What A Fool Believes (Fingerman's Classic Edit) - The Doobie Brothers

On The Run (Tigers vs The Project Club Live Cut) - Shake Tiger Shake

AOR Disco Clubbing by Dynamicron

You Never Tell Me You Love Me by Nick Faber

Dont Let Me Fall (DJ Supermarkt's "Goodbye Bob" Softrock Disco Edit) - Bob Welch

Hitch A Funky Ride To The Seaside by Professor Eddy