Another Lonely Night In New York (Bobby Lee's Light of Day Edit) - Robin Gibb

The conventional story of the Bee Gees' post-disco comedown in the early 1980s is that the Gibb brothers retreated from the spotlight and wrote songs for other artists instead, such as 'Heartbreaker' for Dionne Warwick, 'Islands In The Stream' for Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers and 'Guilty' for Barbara Streisand. This re-telling of history was actually conducted by the Bee Gees themselves and their own recordings during this time are largely forgotten now. For example, their 1981 album Living Eyes wasn't even mentioned in a recent authorised BBC4 documentary and their record company allowed it to drift out of print for many years.  It wasn't a classic album by any means and was a huge commercial disappointment for the Gibbs at the time (a mere 750,000 copies) but it does have the distinctive smooth production style by Albhy Galuten and Karl Richardson (who produced Spirits Having Flown in 1979 and Guilty in 1980) and has a couple of winning AOR numbers, especially the  title track

The other lost gem from this wilderness period is 'Another Lonely Night In New York', a minor hit single from  from Robin Gibb's solo album How Old Are You?, which was released two years later. Thanks to Bobby Lee, who was one of AOR Disco's earliest contributors and whose recent mix From The Sea To The Canyons is highly recommended, for sending us this subtle re-edit. "The original is the bastard balearic lovechild of Foreigner's 'Waiting For A Girl Like You'", he says. "I've just strung it out a bit and upped the slightly warped mixtape vibes."

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