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New Genesis Blood - Peter Gabriel vs Phil Collins

Captain Kennedy (Mojo Filter N.A.S.A Edit) - Neil Young

Rhiannon (Flying White Dots Diskomiks) - Fleetwood Mac

Ready 4 Airplay Volume 6 by Flashlites Productions

Just For You (T2MM Rainy Autumn Day Edit) - Peter Green

Drift Away (Mum's Old Vinyl Re-find) - The Rolling Stones

Foolish Heart (Genuine Fraud Edit) - Steve Perry

Van Nuys Bvld (Musica Hermosa Edit Dub) by Ken Mansfield and Ron Wright

Heading For The Bayou by La Homage

AOR Live Transmission Part 3: A Path Through The Ambient Forest by Mojo Filter

Sean Rowley presents "Soft Rock Disco" for Ministry of Sound Radio

Driver's Seat (The Starkiller's Night Drive Edit) - Sniff 'n' the Tears

Running From Home (Mojo Filter's ὠδή Edit) - Bert Jansch

2011 Deckchair Memories by Zak Hamburg