AOR Live Transmission Part 3: A Path Through The Ambient Forest by Mojo Filter

Ben Zaven-Crane is one of the most original and exciting talents we've come across in the last two years. Recently he's been getting the recognition he deserves with his remixes of The Temptations (which got airplay on Rob Da Bank's Radio One Show), Brian Eno (which was recommended by Mixmag and The Guardian's Alexis Petrides) and Jose Feliciano (which will be reviewed in the December issue of Mixmag - and check our Soundcloud account for the extraordinary reaction to this track). So it's a real pleasure to be posting up Ben's latest exclusive mix for us and to talk to him about Mojo Filter. 

Where did you get the name Mojo Filter from? 

"It came about when I was working on a Beatles 'Come Together' cover and re-recording the lyrics when I noticed how uber-bizarre they were. One line was: 'He's got muddy water/ He one mojo filter.' Whammo! There it was - thank you Lennon." 

You've described your style as 'psychedelic folk techno'. How did this mix of styles evolve? And how do your AOR Transmission sets compare to your other sets?

"Well, I used to love psytrance (eeek) and the fact you could go to an exotic festival and stay rooted dancing to heady tunes for days on end changed my perception of music. It used to be so fresh back then. No really. Unfortunately the music failed to evolve so I ventured-out and went for music that was still challenging but had a more inclusive feel. That way my folks could come along. Seriously. So I started to incorporate my roots in folk and festivals into my productions. 'White Rabbit' was born and I found a niche for old sounds in new dance productions. 

Blogs like yours have  actually given many producers some new direction by combining underground production values with familiar vibes.  As a DJ foremost - this was so enthralling. So the sets I compose for AOR Disco are my favourites. I get to incorporate loads of my own stuff and some oddities too which are not strictly dancefloor. I do lots of techno/electro/warehouse gigs and thrash-out all the big tunes so don't often get to play my slo-mo fluff-stuff."

The next part of our interview with Ben Zaven-Crane will be posted later this week.  

Download / AOR Live Transmission Volumes One and Two 


1. Another Green World (The Blue Realm remix) - Brian Eno
2. Red, Yellow & Blue (Mojo Filter Lovey-Dub) - Born Ruffians
3. The Third Of The Storms (Aculpoco mix) - Mike Simonetti Ft Sam Sparrow
4. La Ritournelle [Jake Bullit mix] - Sebastian Tellier
5. Pinball ( Ashley Beedle's Tripped Rework ) - Brian Prothero
6. Black Gold of the Sun - Rotary Connection
7. Lonely Avenue - Jimi Hendrix
8. Dear Mr Fantasy - Steve Winwood & Traffic (Dad's vinyl cut)
9. Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix) - The Bees
10. Chariots of Fire - Vangelis
11. Mother Protect - Niki & The Dove
12. Plage [Fear of Theydon Remix] - Crystal Fighters
13. Starlite (D-Pulse Remix) - Paul Weller
14. Love Love (Kasper remix - Mojo Filter edit) - Ghost Society
15. Hollywood Seven - Mike Simonetti

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