Drift Away (Mum's Old Vinyl Re-find) - The Rolling Stones

Thanks to Mum's Old Vinyl and Ben Zaven-Crane of Mojo Filter. We continued our conversation with Ben by asking him about his approach to remixes and edits. Although he's kept the additional production light and minimal on Drift Away, Ben is best known for his highly involved and creative remixes, such as California Dreamin'

"Well - as a producer I make stuff to play out," he says.  "I did quite a few original tracks before but without familiar samples it's tricky to get the reaction I enjoy despite having some decent stuff. Although I've probably listened to my own music more than anyone else's, it can end up  sounding way too off-the-wall. Working old faves is so enjoyable - and California Dreamin' was an obvious choice - it's seasonal and nostalgic. I wanted to complement the original and give it a beatnik. I really enjoy trying to make tracks sound as if they were made in a futuristic way many years ago - if you know what I mean."

 Who have you enjoyed collaborating with recently? 

 "Having had Psychemagik productions dominate my sets, I found out who they were and phoned them and we clicked. I ducked into the stoods with them a few months back to start Nitty Gritty inspired by their take on Sonny Terry's Whoopin' The Blues,  which has everything I love about re-edits. Their aural prowess is on another planet and they're up there with (and beyond) Stuart Price and have big things ahead of them. A real inspiration."

Part Three  of our interview with Mojo Filter coming soon / Download Drift Away 


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