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I Want To See You Dance (DJ Supermarkt Edit) - Andy Pratt

Rainbow Canyon - an AOR Disco Blend by Balearic Social

Radio Geyster: 103.9 FM Westcoast Radio Station La Plus Californienne Des Radios Frenchy

AOR Edits June 2013 Mix by Fingerman

View From The West Coast Volume One by Fusion Flavours

I Spaced My Wallet in the Surf by John Morgan

Big Love (Mojo Filter Balearic Driftwood Edit) - Fleetwood Mac

Fame (Mojo Filter Incognito Dub) - David Bowie

State by Todd Rundgren

Swamp Country Funk by James Clarkson

2013 AOR Balearic Mix by Zak Hamburg

Soul Flight E07 "Sunset Ride" - AOR Disco Guest Mix For Clubbing Shanghai by DJ Same

Traveler's Rock Remixes (Ambient Edition) by Six Degrees Records

Open Linen Shirted Summers by The Hitchhiker's Disco

Coming Home by Seekmagic