Open Linen Shirted Summers by The Hitchhiker's Disco

"I made the mix a few months after discovering smooth music, yacht rock and others through the AOR Disco site, " says Callum Hewitt, who runs the global music blog The Hitchhiker's Disco. "My gateway track was MAU's edit of 'Dark Star' by Crosby, Stills and Nash. I had a month long holiday on the island of Palawan in the Philippines, a break from my job in South Korea. I had a vision of me in an open white linen shirt, on a boat, doing some island hopping. And that's exactly what I did, listening to this mix."

Open Linen Shirted Summers includes the MAU remix of 'Dark Star' as well as other gold-standard yacht rock classics such as Michael McDonald's Sweet Freedom. Deep moments include long-forgotten tracks by the likes of Albert Hammond and Cock Robin. And it's not afraid to up the ante on the kitsch front either with unsmooth but summery diversions into Wham and Cliff Richard territory. Press the Mixcloud button below for a full track list. 

Download mix  / Illustration by Guy Peellaert, the 'Michelangelo of Pop Art' best known for his cover for Diamond Dogs by David Bowie and the original movie poster for Taxi Driver


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