2013 AOR Balearic Mix by Zak Hamburg

Welcome back to Zak Hamburg, resident DJ at Sa Trinxa in Ibiza, actor in Hamburg and, in a former life, drummer for the late Austrian chart-buster Falco (here's Zak on Top of the Pops in 1986 laying it down on Rock Me Amadeus). Zak is one of the most respected Balearic DJs around and for this mix, his first exclusive for us in 2013, he's sought out some of the best guitar-laced new releases and old psychedelic rock re-edits.  

.   the who - sunrise (ole smokey edit)
.   apart - being strait
.   luminodisco - hello my friend (tempelhof remix)
.   seahawks - hot space (jonny nash cosmic fandango mix)
.   lulu rouge feat. tuca - welcome to my dream (original mix)
.   bachar mar- khalifĂ© - machins closes (ewan pearson remix)
.   sinkane - making time (tuff city kids remix)
.   hardway bros - A/B musique (original mix)
.   eddie c - life under the invisible hands (tornado wallace remix)
.   tim paris/georg levin - golden ratio
.   jimmy after - rachel's theme
.   tristesse contemporaine - waiting (original mix)
.   tanner ross / slow hands - all the same (jah bless mix)
.   black sabbath - planet caravan (poolside rework)
.   pharaoh black magic (feat. peter coyle) - amulet (original mix)
.   west coast pop art experimental band - the smell of incense (ole smokey instr. edit.)
.   roberta flack - i can see the sun (ole smokey instr.  chant)


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