2011 Deckchair Memories by Zak Hamburg

Another great mix by Hamburg City Beach Club resident and AOR Disco regular Zacharius Preen which clocks in at an epic one hour and forty-five minutes...

1. coyote feat. gavin gordon - el sueno oscuro 
2. shadower - throwing snow
3. tricky - time to dance (maya jane coles remix)
4. the rapture - in the grace of your love
5. steve miller band - fly like an eagle (virgin magnetic material remix)
6. holy ghost! - some children
7. lusty zanzibar - feeling (fear of theydon downtempo mix)
8. beck - loser (the starkiller edit)
9. pink floyd / air - on the run vs alpha beta gaga (lulu rouge bootleg)
10. fear of theydon - he returns from the beyond
11. great lake swimmers - your rocky spine (mojo filter black rock remix)
12. little dragon - scribbled paper (fear of theydon remix)
13. wighnomy brothers - something for your mind(teleelekronicagrunch im diskodatschen rework)
14. daniel bortz - boyz 2 men (original mix)
15. guy gerber - time for a change
16. luca c & brigante, ali love - different morals (clockwork remix)
17. terranova - take my hand
18. coyote feat. gavin gordon - minamoto (dj steef remix)




charlotte said…
I love this mix so much but have to know what the tune is at around 55mins, like an Irish jig, I am obsessed with it, keep playin over and over :-)

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