Foolish Heart (Genuine Fraud Edit) - Steve Perry

Where to begin with the genius of Steve Perry? Mocked by the UK music press in the early 1980s ("You realize you sound like a duck when you sing?" was a typical question), Perry never managed to establish himself in the pantheon of greatness over here. In America however - as his presence alongside Springsteen, Dylan, Wonder, Jackson and many other legends who turned out for We Are The World in 1985 testifies - it was a different story and he was often simply called The Voice.  

Although he is best loved for his epoch-defining time as the singer of Journey (whose AOR masterpieces include Escape, Frontiers and Raised On Radio), it is Street Talk, his solo record from 1984, which has attracted attention from modern day DJs and producers. First we had Red Ken's  Resuscitated Edit of She's Mine  and now Genuine Fraud from Texas has taken on the smooth yacht rock classic Foolish Heart. As with Red Ken's edit this is a great dub version which owes more to deep house than it does to AOR.  The original Perry vocal version can bought here


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