Ready 4 Airplay Volume 6 by Flashlites Productions

"Volume 5 was meant to have been the final mix in the series of Westcoast/AOR rarities," says C.J. of Flashlites Productions. "But by popular demand and because it gives me a special enjoyment the series continues. So here it is ... the usual, unusual...u know. Thanks to DJ Supermarkt for inspiration and La Bible de la Westcoast for information."

Nielsen & Pearson – Too Good To Last (1983) 
Robben Ford – Standing On The Outside (1983) 
Hall & Oates – Open All Night (1982) 
Patrick Simmons – Sue Sad (1983) 
Michael James Murphy – Living Again (1983) 
Finis Henderson – Blame It On The Night (1983) 
Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito – A Love Affair (1983) 
Shandi – He’s A Dream (1983) 
Motels – Suddenly Last Summer (1983) 
Patti Austin & James Ingram – Baby Come To Me (1983) 
Bobby Martin – Don’t Give Up (1983) 
Michael McDonald – Love Lies (1982) 
Marilyn Scott – First Time (1983) 
The Boys Band – Think About It (1982) 
Eddie Rabbit & Chrystal Gayle – Just You And I (1983) 
Michael Sembello – Lay Back (1983) 
Dakota – Over And Over (1984) 
Frank Stallone – Love is Like A Light (1984) 
Elton John – Too Low For Zero (1983) 
Roby Duke – Come Let Us Reason (1984)


omigod this is an amazing mix I've been playing it non-stop aaaaaahhhh, music heaven, thank you! xxx
Dr. Jones said…
Hi Charlotte! Do you have this mix and along the coast vol II? They are not to be found anymore and i lost mine..

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