Digestif Mix by DJ Steef

DJ Steef is the alter ego of Fred Berthet, an electro, house and techno DJ based in Marseille in France. His DJ Steef edits of classic rock, folk and disco from the 1960s to the 1980s have long been an inspiration to us and to numerous producers who have contributed to this site as well. Mixed by Fred Berthet this is a compilation of DJ Steef releases and features new versions of tracks by Black Sabbath, The Byrds, The Hollies, Van Morrison and many others. 

Black Savates (Magic Wand)
Triolisme (Magic Wand)
Biomix 01 B2 (Biomix)
Biomix 02 A1 (Biomix)
Simply Beautiful (Superbreak)
That Loving Feeling (Superbreak)
You Are So Good To Me (Superbreak)
It's Cool (Editorial)
Groove On (Superbreak)
I Can Win (Editorial)
Biomix 01 A2 (Biomix)
Bad Luck (Editorial)


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