AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #61: Kent Lake, Side B by Rob Theakston

Many thanks to Rob Theakston, formerly of Carl Craig's Planet E Communications in Detroit, for this second exclusive mix of "sweet spring softness blended with long lost AOR favourites and a touch of Canoe cologne". 

David Benoit – I Wish Right Now Would Never End
Alessi Brothers – Driftin
La Sienne – Dance
A Train – Riff Raff
La Sienne – Come To The Island
Nielsen-Pearson Band – For All Time
Ray Gooliak – Goodbye Aloha
China – Days and Nights
Cooper & Ross – Hold On
Maxus – Nobody’s Business
Peter Gallway – Loco Banana (From Tokyo To Kokomo)
Cecilio & Kapono – Summer Lady
Sand – Mystery

Listen / Download Kent Lake Side B and Side A 


GK said…
Hi, the link doesn't seem to working propery. Only able to download a few seconds of the mix!
rob said…
Weird. Just uploaded it here:

Hope you enjoy it!
GK said…
Cheers Rob!

Keep up the good work
Switched links so all should be working okay now

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