"Blending genres of soul, rock and pop to create a uniquely catchy brand of sound, Daryl Hall & John Oates became lauded as pop music's most successful duo," says Martijn Soetens, music director of NPO Radio 6 Soul and Jazz in the Netherlands and the man behind the Jeff Porcaro Collection. "They met when separately performing at a band competition in Philadelphia, Hall with his band The Temptones, and Oates with his band The Masters. At Temple University, Oates earned a degree in journalism and Hall studied music. One of the apartments they shared had "Hall & Oates" on the mailbox, which became the duo's name. This compilation features tracks from their early years, the '70s.

Smoothday is Oakland's longest running and most comprehensive AOR DJ night. Jeffrey Boozer spins "all vinyl Solid Gold hits (almost) every 4th Tuesday of the month: 10pm until 2am at 355 19th St Oakland."  He also runs the blog FM Version, which features "journeys into 1970s and 80s AOR, Disco, Dollar Bin Scores, and Left of the Dial classics," and is a top contributor to the  Less Obvious Yacht Rock Songs, one of our favourite Facebook groups.

Paul Hillery keeps the smooth 1970s rarities coming in this latest volume in his long-running and much-loved series of West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock mixes.

"I know that not everyone into AOR digs Mike," says Detroit's J Feathers, the man behind our superb Light Departures series. And it's true. Frank's smooth jazz stylings, the gentleness of his vocals (reminiscent of James Taylor) and the often quietly humorous lyrics can all just come across as too nice on first listen. "BUT, if you give him the chance, you’ll be calling him Uncle Mike in no time," adds Feathers.

"After 26 years of DJing it is time for me to stop caring about labels and genres, and to come out of the closet; The Yacht Rock closet.

Until this summer I kept my public DJ identity as an underground House & Techno DJ religiously separated from my bedroom DJ persona as a smooth and obscure '70s music curator.

"In the Netherlands an umbrella and a sweater are necessary almost any time of year," says Martijn Soetens, the man behind our burgeoning Jeff Porcaro series. "So it's quite natural that we need sunny music to get our vitamin D. And we don't need to look far. A lot of Dutch bands and musicians are influenced by the sound of L.A.

AOR Disco contributor Alex Gimeno aka Ursula 1000 has a new album out on the 1st October called Voyeur.  We've had some great DJ sets from Alex over the years, from the smoothness that was Soft and Spacious to the disco-rock sleaze of Leather Disko, so we're very pleased to feature 'Faded Denim Wash', one of his original tracks. It's the first single off the album and comes with a batch of remixes, including one by psychedelic yacht-rock practitioners Seahawks.

If you want a masterclass on Westcoast music from the late 1970s and early 1980s, you just need to follow the trail of Jeff Porcaro. The top session drummer of the era and band leader of Toto, Porcaro had a deceptively simple style. He loathed unnecessary fills and refused to perform drum solos. For him it was all about feel and groove. "Just keep time," he told a group of students in this fascinating 45 minute video of a Q+A he did at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles in 1986.

Here's the the second part of pH's mix of extremely rare cosmic folk from the 1970s inspired by his sets at Psychemagik's secret festival last year and at their Arabian Tent at the Lunar Festival this year. He has recently resumed his smooth duties as the curator of the West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock series too and we'll be posting up Volumes 10 and 11 in the coming days.

We don't often show it but we have a deep love of the mid-80s here at AOR Disco. And this track from Le Galaxie has many of the hall-marks of that era's distinctive sound. With its fat electronic snare sound, melancholic keyboards and a saxophone high in the mix, 'Love System' brings to mind hi-tech AOR acts such as Quarterflash as well as the soundtracks of sax-heavy shows such as Miami Vice and LA Law.