"So finding wild old tracks and producing remixes and edits is all peachy and that, particularly when DJs you admire pick them up and run with them," says Jack Sellen of The Flying Mojito Bros. "But we always knew there was hella lot more that could be done, different methods for smelting that ol' gold ore we'd mined into something really desirable to people.

Drawing on Ben's skills as a professional Musical Director for electronic artists, and me on my skills of being good at sitting next to him eating crisps, we worked out a setup for taking just about anything – our choice at this stage being good-time knees-up country rock/funk – so that we're remixing, editing and mixing it on the fly as a performance.

What a start to 2017. Out of nowhere AOR Gods Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins reunite for their first collaboration since 'No Lookin' Back' in 1985. And what a track it is: conjuring the spirit of classic Westcoast smooth but idiosyncratic and cheeky too. Some have criticised the spoken word introductions to Loggins and McDonald's contributions as 'gimmicky' but we think it's only right to pay respect to the legends in this way.

Many thanks to Martijn Soetens, the man behind the superb Jeff Porcaro Collection and West Coast Sounds of the Netherlands series, for this exclusive mix which celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Chicago. Today the band are best known as the gargantuan balladeers who scored a series of David Foster-produced hits in the 1980s - such as Hard Habit To Break - but this mix showcases their smooth and funk/jazz influenced work from the 1970s when they were a highly regarded virtuoso live act.

Regular visitors to AOR Disco will be familiar with Barney Hurley's AOR Rarities Playlists,  a true connoisseur's guide to Westcoast music. He's also well-known as the founding member of Samuel Purdey, possibly the smoothest band ever to emerge from the UK, whose mid-1990s album Musically Adrift has had an extraordinary comeback in recent years. Barney now records under the name Powder Blue Tux, and 'Mayfair', his first single, was released in the summer of 2015.

"I'm a big fan of Gino Vannelli, especially of his music from the mid '70s and I'm often amazed by his musical arrangements," says Parisian DJ and producer DOCTORSOUL. "This beautiful song was initially recorded on the 1975 Storm at Sunup album (where you can also find the anthem 'Mama Coco'). The talented cast of musicians on this album include Jo Vanelli (Gino's brother) and Graham Lear, an incredible drummer who would top on to join forces with Carlos Santana in 1977.

This week Luxxury's “How To Be Good” EP is released on his new label Nolita Records.

Many thanks to dj ShmeeJay for his latest exclusive mix for AOR Disco, featuring classic edits of classic rock and pop from the '70s and '80s.

"Very happy to share the latest edition of my Smoothday AOR and West Coast mixes with the ever enlarging online community of this genre's fans and manic super supporters," says Jeffrey Boozer. "Volume 5 is a coordinated effort with Nick Mawson, West Coast Music Magazine editor extraordinaire and burgeoning vinyl digger.

Welcome back to Les Fisher, the man behind the five volume Island Sounds, Harbor Grooves and Hot Tub Soul series. In this mix he continues to mine his extraordinarily deep record collection for the smoothest rarities from the 1970s but this time he heads inland for some wintery, log cabin vibes.

"Slight conundrum, We never know whether or not to seek to bring our edits to the attention of the original artists," says Jack Sellen of The Flying Mojito Bros. "David Crosby is active on Twitter and this got our hopes up that he's open to new stuff and if we put it his way then of course he'd love it and with one single effortless retweet the Flying Mojito Bros would be catapulted into superstardom in a maelstrom of mezcal, mary jane and models.