"Bought my daughter a turntable and a starter pack of gateway vinyl for Christmas," says Vancouver's Karl Spackler. "Just a little recording of some AOR jams and AM radio gold we listen to at home. No edits. No mixing. No EQing. No beatmatching. Just listening."

01) The Carpenters - Yesterday Once More

02) Christopher Cross - Sailing

03) The Association - Never My Love

04) America - Muskrat Love

05) Fleetwood Mac - Over My Head

06) Nicolette Larson feat.

With over 40,000 plays on Soundcloud for his AOR Disco Summer Mix, dj ShmeeJay has  shown once again why he is such an outstanding contributor to this site. So it's great to welcome him back with his 7th exclusive mix for AOR Disco, featuring the best edits and remixes of classic rock and pop from the 1970s and 80s.

"Take a trip from the seaside to the steakhouse and back again with Hidin’ in the Highlife," says Shawn Ryan, the co-founder of Philadelphia label Universal Cave and one half of disco edit team Superprince.  "Dive in and take a dip, but don’t cramp up from the saccharine cocktails and stale pretzels - we’re here to get loose. Bask in the warmth of grooves from the sandy beaches of Katama, Massachusetts, the smokey hotel lounges of Minneapolis, and poolside cabanas of Frankfurt.

"Welcome to Volume 7 of my all vinyl AOR mixes!" says Jeffrey Boozer. "Smoothday v7 finds some fertile 1980s crate digging I did during 2016 and 2017 in Boston, San Diego (my home town), Sacramento and Santa Rosa California, respectively. The task is simple, the hours long, and the pay offs scant, but this sultry and intoxicating West Coast genre has proven so hard for many of us to get away from.

There are hits you know mixed with undiscovered gems. The angelically sublime Timothy B.

A shadow history of the 1970s singer-songwriter era, K's series of Flying Cloud mixes favour the under-appreciated talents and often out-of-print recordings from the Laurel Canyon era.

John Compton – Short Lands, 1971

Parker MacDonell – On The Highway, 1985

The Souljazz Orchestra – Rejoice, Pt.

Per Åslund has collected AOR, Westcoast and Yacht Rock since the 1980s and co-hosts the Keep It Smooth podcast in Sweden. This latest exclusive mix for us features more of the classiest rarities in his collection.

"We made a song all by ourselves," say The Flying Mojito Bros. "Then put a Steve Miller vocal on top.

Many thanks to Deepspirits from Dusseldorf, Germany for this excellent mixtape featuring the best yacht rock, disco and '80s soul remixes by Late Nite Tuff Guy, the alter ego of techno producer HMC who is a seminal figure Australian dance music.

"Clothes off, tailfeather on, let's march to cosmic blues-rock-samba like it's Rio '79," say The Flying Mojito Bros about their "carnivalesque hallucination of ZZ Top's classic hit celebrating cheap shades." 

You can catch The Flying Mojito Bros live at Pet Deaths launch show at The Social (DJ set) on October 25th, the Eastern Front night (full show) Wild Card Brewery on November 11th and the Basement Tapes 5th Birthday (DJ set ) with Black Peaches, Vels Trio, Jouis at The Lexington on December

Thanks to everyone who has supported and contributed to the site since 2009. To celebrate our birthday (which was actually back in June but never mind) the great DJ Same has recorded this exclusive mix of some of the best-loved remixes and edits we've featured over the years. 

1.  Bless the Rains - Late Nite Tuff Guy

2.  Cole Loves Your Insides Out - Cole Medina

3.  Triolisme - DJ Steef

4.  Love Love Love - Low Motion Disco (Soft Rocks Remix)