Welcome back to Paul Hillery aka pH for another supreme session of the deepest soft rock rarities from the 1970s.

DJ Same starts off July for us with his latest superlative mix which delivers smoothness with a kick. It features new tracks and edits by much-loved AOR Disco regulars such as Kauf, Luxxury and Flying Mojito Bros, as well as golden '70s classics by Exile and Boz Scaggs in all their original glory.

This is what happens when Santana's Black Magic Woman meets Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear The Reaper during a live remix set by Luxxury...

"This is a collection of unique and fun covers of classic yacht rock and AOR tracks that I've gathered over the years.," says Melbourne's Dave Mack. "Pure vinyl.

"Sound of Summer 2016. We did this one for the express purpose of getting people sweaty when we're DJing out," say Flying Mojito Brothers. "Love George Plasketes' description of the track in his biography Warren Zevon: Desperado of Los Angeles: "the pulsating song was Zevon doing disco noir; more shadow than strobe, boogie or mirrorball." Amen to that.

Who does D.D Dumbo sound like? Is it Al 'Year of the Cat' Stewart? Are there  shades of Michael Franks here?  Or even Sting? Decide for yourself but one thing's clear: D.D Dumbo has a voice to rival many of the best artists of soft rock's golden age and we can't say that about many new indie artists. Also the production and arrangements here are the most inventive - and borderline eccentric - we've heard on a new release for while.

Hamilton Bohannon is best known as a disco pioneer but arguably his finest work came in an earlier era with his 1973 psychedelic soul album Stop and Go. A highlight of that album is Save Our Souls and it's also a highlight - in its remixed form - of Contact High, the excellent new mixtape by in-demand Los Angeles daytime disco merchants Poolside.

"Enjoy this new chapter of West Coast Sounds of The Netherlands," says Martijn Soetens, music director of NPO Soul and Jazz in Holland and the man behind our much-loved Jeff Porcaro series. "A collection of soulful pop, yacht rock and smooth fusion jazz grooves from Holland. Dutch artists as well as artists with a close connection to the Netherlands.

Many thanks to Olof folO aka dj Shmeejay for his latest exclusive mix for AOR Disco, featuring the best in recent soft rock edits plus a couple of great remixes from a few years back such as Sunshine Jones' take on Exile's 'I Wanna Kiss You All Over'. Also there's a new discovery - for us anyway - of an old original here with 'Rain' by the Jerry Garcia Band.

"I have a real respect for Fleetwood Mac's music and I wanted to enhance this masterpiece from the 1979 Tusk album to a create a club version," says the Paris-based DJ and remixer Doctor Soul. "I've just made some subtle modifications: added drums and percussion and I've created a breakdown using Mick Fleetwood's wonderful drumming. I also added some effects on Miss Stevie Nicks's velvet tone in order to create a more haunting voice.