"Just a taster of the 8 min remix," says Joey Negro, the man who has probably done more to revitalise disco since the early 1990s than anyone else. "This all time classic finally gets the 12" remix it never had, straight from the 48 track multi." It's featured on his recent Remixed With Love Volume 2 compilation album and we think it's the best interpretation of 'Ride Like The Wind' we've come across so far. Yes, even better than Saxon's 1985 heavy metal cover version. 

It's hard to imagine now just how much of a commercial colossus Christopher Cross was at the dawn of the 1980s.

There's a limited run of only 50 copies of the latest C60 cassette mix by the Philadelphia based DJ collective and label Universal Cave so best move like the wind if you want own a copy. It's Volume 4 of their outstanding Soft Rock for Hard Times series, featuring deep AOR rarities from the 1970s and early 1980s. The track list will be available soon and a good thing too because it's tough to name more than three or four tracks in a Universal Cave mix.

"Hot on the heels of our recent Turn it Loose mix, we're putting out what is for us one of the mix's highlights, a reimagining of the Dan's classic 'Do It Again'," say the Flying Mojito Brothers. "Stretched out into a seven-minute singalong disco bruiser, we're looking forward to the tops-off euphoria that this remix will bring to balmy bars and festival fields and tents we'll be DJing at this summer.

Too Slow To Disco is back and this time it features an all-female cast. Listen to this 21 minute 19 song minimix by series curator DJ Supermarkt and for bonus smoothness watch the video below to  take a ride through the streets of early 1980s Los Angeles.

Pre-order The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco / European Tour 

The Ladies of Too Slow To Disco - Minimix by Dj Supermarkt from too slow to disco on Vimeo.

The latest in K's long-running series of exclusive AOR/Westcoast mixes for us - and this time he adds a country rock element which he says takes us "back to the roots" of LA smoothness. Check out his other wonderful series for us too: Flying Cloud (cosmic folk), Utopia (progressive rock) and Country Roads (alt-country).

The third volume of the acclaimed compilation Too Slow To Disco is nearly upon us and this time it features the female voices of the 1970s Los Angeles music scene. Aside from Carly Simon, Rickie Lee Jones and Carole King, most of the artists featured were over-looked even at the time. So much so that in a recent episode of the excellent podcast Beyond Yacht Rock the hosts struggle to think of a single female yacht rock artist.

"Here's the second part of my Yacht Disco mix from last year (thanks for 35,000 plays)," says Marcus Liesenfeld aka DJ Supermarkt, the man behind the excellent Too Slow To Disco series. "It's a three hour live mix which was fun to do. Comes with some bumpy parts and no overdubs, it's just a DJ with a bottle of red wine and nothing else to do.

"Here's my rework of 'Hey Nineteen', the 1980 classic from the Gaucho album," says Doctorsoul, the Paris-based DJ and remixer. "I have such love and respect for all Steely Dan music so I wanted to very modestly pay tribute to these musical maestros. I have added the dynamic duo of Pete Rock and C.L Smooth on the intro, but the original track is already so good that I did not want to touch it a lot.

Janis Ian is best known for 'At Seventeen'', her wry and melancholic take on the indignities of adolescence which was the main single from her Billboard number one 1975 album Between The Lines.

A charismatic and sometimes feared figure, Jeff Porcaro was the linchpin of the late '70s and '80s Southern Californian music scene.  The top session drummer of his day Porcaro features on hundreds of tracks, from the classic releases of the yacht rock elite to long-forgotten top 40 hits to serious jazz-rock sessions. He was also the driving force and capo of Toto until his death in 1992 aged just 38.