Light Departures Volume 3: a Soft Prog Mix for AOR Disco by J Feathers

It's been seven years since the last volume in J Feathers' superb series Light Departures so we're thrilled to welcome him back with this latest instalment of rare and lesser known tracks from the smooth side of progressive rock. And this time he takes the series in a more cosmic and experimental direction... 

The Voice Of Necam - Steve Hackett
Birds Of Passage - Prosper
The Grand Vizier's Garden Party: part.I (Entrance) - Pink Floyd
Want You To Know - Don Muro
To Keep From Crying - Comus
Romeo & Juliet - Trance
Tontillon - Eroc
Sunset Wading - John G. Perry
I Wish I Could - Alquin
When Your By Yourself - Supply Demand & Curve
Son Of 'There's No Place Like Homerton’ - Hatfield & The North
Stargazing - Francis Monkman
Salomon’s House - Wavemaker
Sunset - Michael Giles
Crystal Ship - Hiro Yanagida
Bland Tomtar Och Kontroller - Egba
Prelude A (60 Round) - Cortex
Palm Trees (Love Guitar) - Steve Hillage
Mummo - Petri Pettersson
Celestial Procession - Quintessence
Poseidon - Katamaran
Mamãe D’Água - Walter Franco
On est Rien Qu'des Amis ici - June Wallack
El Mensaje Del Mago - Alux Nahual
Wintrup - Kraan
Un Nuovo Giorno - Controcorrente
Star Of Sirius - Steve Hackett


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