Penicillin Penny (Galleon Trade’s Hooked On Penicillin Version) - Dr Hook

Dr Hook – Penny (Galleon Trade’s Hooked On Penicillin Version)- Golf Channel Recordings by VincentVega_MeinDisko


Tal said…
I actually prefer the Andrew Allgood version:

But they did a better job of warping on the gold channel version. I dunno, it's a great track nonetheless!
Both versions are pretty damned cool...Golf Channel, History Clock and Mindless Boogie...without these labels I think I would have used the saucer parked outside my house to escape planet earth long ago if those three labels had never existed.

Does anyone know if Andrew Allsgood will be releasing his version? The only way to get it at the moment is to snarf it from Soundcloud at a dissapointing 128 bitrate.

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