Stop (Osvaldo Wilson Edit) - B.W.H


I seem to engage in a comments frenzy whenever I visit AOR Disco but when the music is as good as this, to not thank Osvaldo Wilson & AOR Disco for sharing this spellbinding re-edit of one of my all time favourite Italo workouts would seem somewhat churlish.

This really works and I love the way how Osvaldo has beefed up the synths and honed in on the groove while discarding other elements...I have just mixed this with the original and gods, does it work! In the highly unlikely event someone reads this...actually I should stop there ;) the highly unlikely event someone reads this and has not heard the 1983 B.W.H (Blackway & Helene Italo-trivia fans) 'Stop' track then erm...stop what you are doing and go find it on the t'internet like immediately and compare and contrast, you know it makes sense.
a71539z said…
Thanks for the feedback mate!

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