NITE-FLYTE: Funky 1978 L.A. Softrock For Your Next Nite-Drive by DJ Supermarkt/Mellow Mafia

01. Intro 
02. BILL HOUSE – you’re no better than a common thief
>>>Brooke Shield’s radio i.d.
03. ERIC JUSTIN KAZ – come with me
04. JOHNNY RIVERS – outside help
>>>superfast jellyfish commercial
05. DENNY CORRELL – your love
06. ROBBIE DUPREE – steal away (into the night)
07. PETER GALLWAY – sunday basketball
>>>40-year old virgin on Michael McDonald
08. RICHARD TORRANCE – circle of confusion
09. ROGER VOUDOURIS – get used to it
10. LAUREN WOOD – never been so in love
>>>30 rock: Tracy Jordan comeback 
11. SANFORD & TOWNSEND BAND – shake it to the right
>>>30 rock: Tracy Jordan vs. The Black Crusaders
12. CRACKIN’ – don’t cha love me
13. VAPOUR TRAILS – don’t worry baby
14. CLOVER – take another look
>>>stoned airlines with spliff
15. LEBLANC & CARR – stronger love
16. LENNY LEBLANC – midnight mourning
>>>Starsky & Hutch: snoop dog on kay bay
17. CHICAGO – old days
18. STEVE MARRS – how was i to know
19. BRUCE HIBBARD – calling
20. JIM PHOTOGLO – steal away
21. Outro: gilbert o’ sullivan


DJ Wax On said…
This is just too good! Awesome tunes, really nicely put together, love the radio spots too, nice!
Pat Les Stache said…
I Love This!

Thanks for sharing.
professor Eddy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
AMAZING mix, thanks so much
FlashlitesProd. said…
these mixes was 'n great inspiration for me.

thanx a lot


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