AOR DISCO EXCLUSIVE #53: Kent Lake, Side A by Rob Theakston

"A few cuts of yachtness, a bit of obscurity and some bourbon."

Spats - Hot Summer Madness (Good Sounds, 1978)
Thunder - Can't Hold On, Can't Let Go (Atco, 1981)
Deliverance - Tightrope (Global, 1979)
Starbuck - Call Me (Private Stock, 1977)

La Bionda - Night Flight (Baby, 1980)
Footloose - Time Is Right (Damon, 1980)
Pages - Let It Go (Epic, 1978)
Dave Loggins - Face In The Window (Epic, 1980)
Beach Boys - Match Point Of Our Love (Reprise, 1979)
Chunky, Novi And Ernie - Makes You Wonder (Warner Brothers, 1977)
Michael Monroe - Over Love (Sound 80, 1980)
Robbie Dupree - Hot Rod Hearts (Elektra, 1980)

Download / Many thanks to Rob Theakston


Anonymous said…
going deeeeeeep!!
Dr Steve said…
Great, this comes right in the middle of another yacht craze for me, many thanks!

I've got a yacht mix on my blog too.
paul said…
ace mix

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