Frictionless Mix by Pencilface

"I used to buy lots of smooth AOR years ago after getting into Steely Dan," says Pencilface. "I'd even play out some of that stuff to highly apathetic dancefloors at The Tube, Bristol.  This year I've  really got back into this sound so I started trawling all the carboots and quid bins for smooth-looking AOR LPs and 45s.  It turned out that there is a very poor hit-rate doing this, and I've wasted a bloody fortune on crap, but thankfully I've also discovered quite a few cool records I wasn't aware of. I also trawled my own collection for the under-loved and forgotten vinyl in there, and have crammed all the tunes I really liked into this mix. It's a smooth blend of yacht rock, AOR groovez, easy-glide and 80's funk. Limited appeal perhaps, but there is no irony here and I really do love all these songs.  Happy Sailing." 

                  2. DAVID SANBORN BAND - promise me the moon (WB LP)
3. DAVID CASSIDY - give it up for love (RCA 45)
4. LOOKING GLASS - brandy (Epic 45)
5. ALESSI - seabird (A&M 45)
6. DEAN FRIEDMAN - special effects (Epic LP)
7. DAVID FORMAN - when the comet comes (Arista LP)
8. BATTEAUX - tell her she’s lovely (Columbia 45)
9. MARC JORDAN - marina del rey (WB LP)
10. EIICHI OTAKI - **** (Bellwood LP)
11. RUPERT HOLMES - lunch hour (MCA LP)
12. RICHARD TORRANCE - moonlight trippin (Capitol LP)
13. LES DUDEK - city magic (CBS LP)
14. THE SANFORD/ TOWNSEND BAND - shake it to the right (WB LP)
15. JAGDISH SIDANA - door sahar se ek sahar (Super LP)
16. CHRISTOPHER RAINBOW - funky parrot (Polydor LP)
17. GINO VANELLI - mama coco (A&M LP)
18. LINX - intuition (Chrysalis LP)
19. PAUL DAVIS - too slow to disco (Bang LP)
20. SCRITTI POLITTI - jacques derrida (Rough Trade LP).


professor Eddy said…
Incredibly good! I like the 'not so glamorous' 70s look of Rupert Holmes on the picture... ;-)
Cheers Eddy. Glad you liked it.

For me it was particularly good to hear David Cassidy's version of Give It Up For Love for the first time. Definitely breathing new life into an over-played song.

And as for he might not have the glamour of Robert Pant but no-one can deny the smoothness...
groovypanda said…
Great mix. Thanks for sharing.

I'd not heard that Doheny cover before either.

And it's a shame Batteaux only ever released the one album
Pencilface said…
Cheers for the comments guys - the David Cassidy tune is a bit of a caboot staple on 45, so should be easily picked up for pennies.
Now if only that Doheny LP wasn't so pricey currently...

Slightly off topic - you guys heard the first Ned Doheny LP? No big play out tunes on it, but it's top-notch easy-glide throughout. I'll whack a track on vol. 2
professor Eddy said…
I'm looking forward to part 2! Part 1 is one of my favourites on my iPod at the moment.
Pencilface said…
Part 2 is imminent - maybe tomorrow?
professor Eddy said…
Listened to part 1 again today, so it would be nice to listen to part 2 tomorrow! ;-)
Pencilface said…
Professor Eddy - volume 2 is now up on the AOR Disco page. Hope you dig!
professor Eddy said…
It sounds wonderful!

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