Tomorrow Never Knows (Leftside Wobble's Remastered WAV Edit) - The Beatles

"A couple of things this week made me revisit this edit," says Leftside Wobble. "Firstly Greg Wilson featured it in a Festival Anthems selection he recently uploaded to Mixcloud and secondly it was featured in the closing scene and credits to this weeks episode of Mad Men. The combined effect meant that a fair few people have been downloading the version I uploaded three years ago (which was also only available as a low quality MP3), so I thought it apt to give it a 'spit and polish' and make a remastered WAV version available for download. And even if you downloaded my original version you should grab this too as the remaster kicks like the proverbial mule!" 

Download / Buy the 1966 original 


Stu K said…
Nice work - first heard this a couple of years ago and still sounds good!

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