Purple Mikes by Free Association

We first came across the Toronto-based DJ and producer Andrew Allsgood back in 2009 when Macho Wizard, his rework of Heart's "Magic Man", was released on the History Clock label. Much as we've loved the deep techno and disco sets he's primarily been known for since it's great to see Allsgood return to classic rock territory. Later this month sees the launch of Free Association, the new edit label he runs with Alister Johnson aka Catalist (who had had numerous releases on labels such as Bastard Boots, Wah Wah 45s and Do Right), and Free Ass 001, the debut EP, features a new version of a rare Pink Floyd cover, among others. 

We'll be posting up our interview with Allsgood and Johnson about the label in a couple of weeks but in the meantime here's an exclusive Free Association re-edit of "Southern California Purples" by Chicago Transit Authority (the band that would later become 1980s AOR titans Chicago). 


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