Fleetmac Wood Mix For AOR Disco (Volume Three)

Roxanne Roll returns with her third compilation of Fleetwood Mac remixes. Most of them were commissioned for Fleetmac Wood, a club night devoted entirely to the band which started in London this time last year and is coming soon to Los Angeles.

1. Don't Let Me Down Again (Wonder Wheel Re-edit) - Buckingham Nicks 
2. Without You (Meaningless Re-edit)
3. Brown Eyes (Les Petits Oiseaux Edit)
4. Black Magic Woman (Antenna Happy Edit)
5. Stand Back (Roxanne Roll Re-Heat featuring Steven Nicks)
6. Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix)
7. Don't Stop (Shengi Rework)
8. Stand Back (Mojo Filter Period Drama Re-Up)
9. World Turning (Cider Brothers Around Me Edit)

Download currently unavailable /  Volume One / Volume Two  


Anonymous said…
do you know anywhere it is possible to get hold of the first track? Don't Let Me Down Again (Wonder Wheel Re-edit)? Thanks.

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