Sunshine Love: Yacht Disco and Marina Soul (an AOR Disco Mix) by Jeffrey Boozer and Martijn Soetens

Sunshine Love is a transatlantic collaboration between two of our favourite contributors: Oakland's Jeffrey Boozer of Smoothday, and Holland's Martijn Soetens, the man behind the Jeff Porcaro Collection and Westcoast Sounds of the Netherlands series. It features a host of soul, disco and yacht rock rarities, and demonstrates once again why Boozer and Soetens are two of the leading lights in the rediscovery of lost smoothness from the late 1970s and '80s.

Heatwave - “Posin’ Till Closin” 1981
Norman Connors - "I Don’t Need Nobody Else” 1980
Richard Stepp - "Caught Up In A Whirlwind” 1979
Lava - "Give It Up” 1981
Woods Empire - "Universal Love” 1981
Breakwater - "Say You Love Me Girl” 1980
Michael Wycoff - "Looking Up To You” 1982
Niteflyte - "All About Love” 1979
Byrne & Barnes - "Keep On Running” 1981
Leon Ware feat. Janis Siegel - "Why I Came To California" 1982
Fluorescent Smogg - "All My Life” 1978
The Dukes (Bugatti & Musker) - "Mystery Girl” 1982
Freeway / Mark J - "You’re The Lady" 1980
Googie & Tom Coppola - "Missing Love" 1980
Windjammer - "You've Got Me Dancing" 1982
Trussel - "Love Injection ( 12" mix )" 1979
Minnie Riperton - "Adventures in Paradise" 1975
Eloise Laws - "Ain't It Good Feeling Good" 1977
Maxine Nightingale - "Get It Up For Love" 1977
Steve Parks - "Just Ask Me" 1981
Bill House - "You're No Better Than A Common Thief" 1974
Sam Russell - "Fussin' & Fightin' ( Reflections Of Each Other )" 1973
The Whispers - "Can't Do Without Love" 1979
Giorgio Moroder Studio Interview c.1979
Liner - "Window Pane" 1979
Sylvia Striplin - "Give Me Your Love" 1980
Invisible Man's Band - "Sunday Afternoon (12" Mix)" 1983
Roach Band - "Aladdin" 1979 


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
This is terrific - the mellow groove never lets up! 'Rare groove' can sometimes be the aural equivalent of 'straight to video' but not in this case. Exceptionally well-chosen tracks by someone that knows his music - and how to put a playlist together. 5/5. Peter in Chiswick, West London
professor Eddy said…
Especially the first part is really good!
SupremeAntBee said…
This is going to be awesome! I can just tell from the track list, and the DJs, of course!

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