Smoothday Volume 5 by Jeffrey Boozer

"Very happy to share the latest edition of my Smoothday AOR and West Coast mixes with the ever enlarging online community of this genre's fans and manic super supporters," says Jeffrey Boozer. "Volume 5 is a coordinated effort with Nick Mawson, West Coast Music Magazine editor extraordinaire and burgeoning vinyl digger. 

Nick served as major inspiration and audio compadre while assembling these tracks and it has been mastered into a rare and rewarding journey through the dollar bin and expensive online auction world alike. From the Southern Rock turned smooth sounds of 1977 era Little Feat, to one hit wunderkind Brian Elliot, to the latest of the late era Asylum Records artists Mike Lawler and Johnny Cobb (whose aptly titled and impressively solid Men From Nowhere LP is probably hiding away under the main bins at your local shop right now) and the ever rewarding and exceedingly rare late 1970s Miami harmonies of Spats, I hope you enjoy volume 5!"

01. "Love at First Sight" - Lawler & Cobb 1980
02. "Romance" - Severin Browne 1974
03. "Clap Me In Irons" - Bill Labounty 1979
04. Malibu Beach Trailer - 1978
05. "Every Which Way" - Player 1977
06. "Is It Right" - Van Dunson 1979
07. "Red Streamliner" - Little Feat 1977
08. "Love Ain't No Holiday" - Native 1983
09. The New Sound of Music (excerpt) 1979
10. "Runner" - Manfred Mann's Earth Band 1983
11. "Children of the Nightime" - Climax Blues Band 1979
12. "Room to Grow" - Brian Elliot 1978
13. "Shadows in the Moonlight" - Anne Murray 1979
14. "Hot Summer Madness" - Spats 1978
15. "I Can't Fade Away" - Ian Matthews 1980
16. "Just Like Paradise" - Larry John McNally 1981


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