Dance Tonight: an AOR Disco Mix by Paul Hillery

Many thanks to Paul Hillery for his latest exclusive mix for us. "I'm not sure which genre it fits in as a whole," he says. "But it has AOR bits and Discoey bits and well just some bloody lovely tracks from my vinyl vaults that will definitely tickle the fancy of a few passengers on the good yacht AOR Disco!"

Sky Blue - Passport
Say Your Little Piece - Locust
Making Love - Edward Fisher
Do You Really Wanna Go - Jackie Robinson
Walking The Voodoo Nights - Santiago
Wizard - Breeze
Hip Pocket - Crossection
Vaya Mulata - Luc Cousineau
In Alto Mare - Loredana Bertè
Yes I Know My Way - Pino Daniele
Tranquillo (Melt My Heart) - Carly Simon
Fiction - Philippe Chany
Don't You Feel - Claude Stoll
Dance Tonight - Joy Fleming
Gerima - O Ji Ji
Nou Rinmin Pou La Vi - Dadou Pasquet Et Le Magnum Band
We Got A Way - Seawind
Get Off The Phone - Epicentre


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