Keep It Smooth Volume 2 by Per Åslund

Per Åslund has collected AOR, Westcoast and Yacht Rock since the 1980s and co-hosts the Keep It Smooth podcast in Sweden. This second exclusive mix for us features some of the classiest rarities in his collection (David Wingo is one of the top discoveries here), as well as a couple of much-loved deeper cuts by the legends such as Ambrosia.

01 DAVE LOGGINS - One Way Ticket To Paradise
03 DAVID WINGO - Hearts Touch 
04 SAM McNALLY - This Is The Life 
05 MADELAINE - Who Is She And What Is She To You 
06 AZTEC TWO-STEP - Brand New 
07 DOUCETTE - Love Is Gonna Find You 
08 SPACEARK - Beautiful Machine 
09 KRIS RYDER - Lost In A Strange Vibration 
10 KEN TOBIAS - Dancer 
11 AMBROSIA - Livin’ On My Own 
12 GRAHAM GREEN - Make The Most Of Every Moment 
13 KALAPANA - Got To Find You Girl 
14 GYPSY - Don’t Get Mad (Get Even)
 15 TOM GRANT - Heaven Is Waiting 
16 ATTITUDES - In A Stranger’s Arms 
17 GOTCHA - Katy, My Lady 
18 SEA LEVEL - Living In A Dream 
19 GARY BOYLE - Friday Night Again


Unknown said…
Love that Dave Loggins track.
Unknown said…
Per, varst e Volym Ett?
Mike McKeown said…
Fantastic stuff. Thanks!

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