Smoothday Volume 7 by Jeffrey Boozer

"Welcome to Volume 7 of my all vinyl AOR mixes!" says Jeffrey Boozer. "Smoothday v7 finds some fertile 1980s crate digging I did during 2016 and 2017 in Boston, San Diego (my home town), Sacramento and Santa Rosa California, respectively. The task is simple, the hours long, and the pay offs scant, but this sultry and intoxicating West Coast genre has proven so hard for many of us to get away from.

There are hits you know mixed with undiscovered gems. The angelically sublime Timothy B. Schmit vocals of "I Can't Tell You Why", the subversive lyrical dose of Donald Fagan and Walter Becker's "Bad Sneakers", and John Stewart's chart topping "Gold" fold comfortably into the mellow small hours tempo of Jon Mark and Johnny Almond's "The City", the flirtatious pop confection of Julian Marshall and Kit Hain's "Take My Number", and the ramshackle but pristine vocal harmonies of "And You Never Knew" by Howdy Moon (featuring a young Valerie Carter!).

Take your finger off the pause button, label the C90 cassette, pop it into the tape deck and cruise down to the coast with this one. Leave some comments (it gets lonely on the floor of the record shop), and watch for Volume 8!"

1. Saturday Night - Robbie Dupree 1981
2. Summer Nights - Marlene With Seawind 1982
3. Morning Star - Larsen Feiten 1980
4. Young Girl - Photoglo 1980
5. Lion In The Night - Bobby Springfield 1980
6. "Night Moves" Jingle - KNX FM Los Angeles c.1978
7. Step Out Of The Night - Andrus Blackwood Co. 1982
8. I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles 1979
9. Please Be The One - Karla Bonoff 1982
10. The City - Mark-Almond 1978
11. " Fastest Tongue In The West" excerpt w/DJ Jimmy Rabbitt KNX FM c.1976
12. Gold - John Stewart 1979
13. Bad Sneakers - Steely Dan 1972
14. And You Never Knew - Howdy Moon 1974
15. Atlanta - Stallion 1977
16. You Can Have It Back - Alessi 1976
17. Take My Number - Marshall Hain 1978
18. With Love In Your Eyes - Bob & Pauline Wilson 1981
19. Over & Over - Dakota 1984


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