California Bound: an AOR Disco Mix by Mark GV Taylor

It's good to be back after a short hiatus and we have a host of superb mixes lined up for the next few weeks. First up is a true AOR Disco legend -  Mark 'Good Vibes' Taylor, whose  mixes have brought so much quality to this site over the years. He's also much-loved for his work with La Homage and Reference Point - and as the co-creator of the acclaimed Americana: Rock Your Soul series. This latest exclusive mix for us features a connoisseur's selection of lost West Coast classics from the 1970s.

The McKenzie Brothers: Night Sounds
Lorna Wright: Stranger
Peter Allen: Fly Away
Mark Benno: Franny
Joel Zoss: Charlie's Friend
Crosby and Nash: Dancer
Morris Kincannon: Beneath The Redwoods
Jessie Colin Young: Maui Sunrise
Mike Smith: Powder Blue
Graeme Wallace: Please Don't Let Me Fall
Cecilo and Kapano: Someday
The American Standard Band: Morning
Rhythm and Blues: Love From The Sun
April Fulladosa: Tell Me
Summer: Watch It Go
The Nielsen Pearson Band: Home
Jesse Colin Young: Ridgetop
Gino Vanelli: Valleys of Valhalla
Valerie Carter: Ooh Child
Jim James: The World's Smiling Now


SupremeAntBee said…
Thank you very much! Glad to see a new mix, I missed you guys!
Cheers! Good to be back
J Rowe said…
this is so good. Thank You, needed it!

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