Shine On: Soft Rock, Acoustic Swing and Mayonnaise Funk by Les Fisher

Les Fisher, the man behind our long-running Island Sounds, Harbor Grooves and Hot Tub Soul series, returns with a new selection of evocatively named genres - and Mayonnaise Funk is possibly  his finest creation to date. Once again Les digs deep into his formidable record collection to give us the sound of the rarest of rare vinyl from the 1970s. 

Titus & Ross - Find An Answer
Tree Top - The Son Has Come
Zach & Robin - I Wish Someone Had Told Me
Steve Moris - You Are The Only
Mike Scott - Say Whatever Happened 
Ken Tobias - Dancer 
Upstairs  - It's Hard To Get In The Showbiz
Badger - Listen To Me
Jesse Colin Young - Ridgetop
Kirk Reed - California 
Spank Lee & Johnny Lee - Winter's Mourning
Rhythm Praise Band -  Where Is The Love
Seabird Band - Shine The Light 
Labamba - Pretty Lady
Iguana - Dream Song
Christopher Morris Band - Do You Want To Be Loved 


SupremeAntBee said…
Thank you, Hamilton! I look forward to more mixes!

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