Prepare To XLR8 Mix by Brennan Green

New York City DJ and producer Brennan Green  ditches the house and disco sounds he's often associated with in favour of a lengthy psychedelic journey through downtempo, prog, funk and Krautrock in this mix recorded for XLR8 in June 2009.

01 Supersempfft "Pipe Dreams On A Lilypad"
02 The Orb "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules from the Centre of the Ultraworld (Orbital Dance Mix)"
03 Robert Quine/Fred Maher "Dark Place"
04 Rolling Stones "Heaven"
05 F.U.S.E. "Dimension Intrusion"
06 Air "Modular Mix"
07 Kenny Hawkes "Sex Propella"
08 Skylab "Seashell"
09 Simple Minds "Today I Died Again"
10 Brian Briggs "AEO (Parts I & II)"
11 Parliament "The Goose"
12 Greek Buck "The Music Lover's Butt Is Love"
13 John Lennon/Yoko Ono "Two Minutes Silence" (dedicated to Michael Jackson)
14 Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper (Brennan Green Suicidal Edit)"
15 Ippu Do "IN Side/OUT Side"
16 400 Blows "Perspective 5"
17 Ippu Do "OUT Side/IN Side"
18 Sons Of Aroa "Be Wise In The Way Of Plants"
19 B2 Unit "Riot In Lagos"
20 Nu Era "Cydonia"
21 Koro Osanago "Mini-Klik"
22 Berührt Verführt (Brennan Green/Yas Inoue edit)

Listen and Download at XLR8 


W said…
Aaah.. There we have that State Trooper edit! Can't wait to listen. You just made my day! Thanks for a great blog!
Fred said…
the mix is down.. any chance of a re-up ?
Sorry about that Toby. The link is fixed now...
Cheers W...I'm still trying to find an MP3 of State Trooper as an individual track but hope this mix will do for now...

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