Dusk Till Dawn Mix by Easyjim

Easyjim used to spend a lot of time in cars, driving about the country, up and down motorways searching out free parties or going to clubs. "The music in the car was the latest mixtape and it was really important to us during those long hazy smoke fuelled journeys," he says. "It was a big part of our weekend. I guess those nights have influenced me immensely and the mixes I do are with journeys like those in mind."
This mix of over the counter vinyl has some of Easyjim's recent personal favourites on it from the Meanderthals' Desire Lines  ("a classic lp") to Richard Norris's Time and Space Machine project,  and tracks by the best producers he has been following over past few years, such as Lindbaek, Lindstrom, Smith and Mudd, and Ray Mang. "And check out The Project Club on Is It Balearic? records. I think they're going to have a good year in 2010."  

1 - bugges room - meanderthals
2 - hvala - smith and mudd
3 - 3 dudes on a harbour - rune lindbeak
4 - fire in my heart (dub) - escape from ny
5 - theme from atlantis (lindstrom mix) - glimmers
6 - neurotic erotic adventure - neurotic drum band
7 - eyeko dyko - felix dickenson
8 - seoul deep - mk7
9 - logic system - clash
10 - mammut - prins thomas
11 - latin combo - ulysses
12 - hello earth - roots unit
13 - intro (ray mang mix) - the project club
14 - alpha storm - samos
15 - mushroom family - time and space machine

easyjim - Dusk til dawn - mixtape �by� easyjim


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