Time To Turn (Rayko's Rough Edit) - Eloy

Eloy.- time tu turn (rayko rough edit) by Rayko


Rayko sprinkles his fairydust magick over one of Eloy's finest moments...I love how he has tightened the groove and pitched it up a few notches while keeping the feel of the original....I think if memory serves, this was one of those tracks the early eighties Italo cosmic DJ's picked up on (I know it was released in Italy around 82/83 as a 12 Inch)....A lot of the late seventies/early eighties Eloy material is ripe for this kind of editing as it already has that 4/4 groove as a template, particularly songs from the Colours and the 'Time To Turn' album..having said that, it still takes a master like Rayko to transform that laidback progrockgroove into a funk infested killer.

Another great post AOR Disco, you are spoiling us this month!

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