Balearic Social Radio Show Mix by Andy Pye

Thanks to Andy Pye of the Balearic Radio Show for this mix. It was originally broadcast on the 5th May, 2011.   

DC La Rue - Do You Want The Real Thing 
Mescalito –Dark Corner Light 
Psychemagik – Wake Up Everyone
Chris Coco – Dreaming 
Tangerine Dream – Love Train On A Real 
Tamiko Jones – Tamiko’s Groove 
Kotey & Essa –Day To Day Life 
Sensory Productions – Fear of Flying 
La Dusseldorf – Rheinita 
AMCA – L’Amour est bleu 
Lindstrom & Thomas – Plunk Og Pirk 
Michael Shrieve – Transfer 
Gila – This Morning 
Exploding Disco – Will You Spare The Time 
Unknown – After Midnight 
Persimfans – E.S.P 
John Paul Verdier – Sud Omnibus (Instrumental) 
A.R & Machines –Come On People 
Kollectiv – Rambo Zambo 
White Elephant – Sir John

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