Hazed and Dazed Volume 2 - Journey Across State Lines by La Homage

From the team who gave us the excellent Marina Rock (a mix of AOR acts who had no yacht-owning yuppie credentials or who never quite made the big-time),  Heading For The Bayou (a set with a "'Down In The Deep South' vibe to it, as well as the usual blue-eyed soul tracks") and Easy To Love (a Leo Sayer remix which has the potential to be a huge summer hit yet bafflingly remains unsigned), comes the latest instalment in  series featuring mellow Westcoast rarities which began last year with Hazed and Dazed Volume 1 - Weekend On The Westcoast. Thanks again to Mark Taylor of La Homage for this AOR Disco exclusive.

Cream & Sugar : Between Us
Airborne : Marie
El Chicano : Lake Aquabi
C.S.N. : The Lee Shore
Paqua : The Visitor
Alain Bellaiche : St Andrea
Woody Simmons : Grey Today
Jonathan Jeremiah : If You Only
Jim Sullivan : Highway
Willow : Still
Archie Whitewater : Untitled (taken from studio session tracks that were planned for his 2nd release that never happened)
Santiago : Berangere
Airborne : Never The Same Love
Stylus : I Just Don't Want To Fall In Love Right Now
Steve Eaton : Without You
Nick Holmes : Never Really Know
F.C.C. : Women
The Sons Of Champlin : Imagination's Sake
David Lindley : Keep From Getting A Licking
Don Hough : Rainy Day Blues
Robert Lamm : A Lifetime We
Wendy Waldman : Thinking Of You
Kenny Rankin : Killed A Cat


What a stunning mix..props again sir, i've said it before and I'll say it again...best music blog in the universe!!
Anonymous said…
Geez...that Paqua track! And the ditto the above comment.
Thanks for the comments. Really appreciated...
professor Eddy said…
Great job! I'm always thrilled by the voice of Jonathan Jeremiah.

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