Eye of the Tiger (Mojo Filter Volkers Edit) - Survivor

Following on from their recent DMC chart-busting AOR Disco compilation CD and exclusive In The Fullness of Time  mix, here's a cheeky bonus edit by Mojo Filter of the Rocky 3 theme by the Chicago band Survivor. This track was commissioned by Sylvester Stallone after he was thwarted in his attempt to use Another One Bites The Dust by Queen and its success set Survivor up for a string of hits drawn from their two mid-80s Americana classics, Vital Signs and When Seconds Count Yet the band were often seen as a hack version of Journey (not least by Steve Perry himself) and their back catalogue is under-appreciated even in melodic rock circles. "Eye of the Tiger" lives on however and in 2006 Survivor, commercial in outlook as ever, appeared in a Starbucks Expresso ad to perform a re-recorded and retitled version called "Glen"

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Anonymous said…
...if john travolta was stayin alive in 82, he'd probably be strutting along to this!

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