Light Departures: a Soft Prog Mix for AOR Disco by J Feathers

"I'm from Detroit MI and I grew up on Steely Dan, Lee Ritenour, Boz Scaggs and all the Toto dudes in their various session work," says J Feathers. "I would have never thought of making a mix for AOR Disco before because I felt that I'd be going over the same territory that most of the contributors already have hit. But recent progressive rock mixes on the site have got me thinking. Most of the records I've been collecting since the mid 90's have been psych, folk & prog. And in the last couple years my focus has been on (if I can say this) soft-prog. A buddy of mine and myself have been doing a nite once a month in Detroit focusing on this theme, and to my surprise, people are really into it."

nothing at all - gentle giant
a little floating music - soft machine
higher - super sister
soft vanilla - focus
caught at the plate - babe ruth
campus - dionne/brègent
mama frog - ambrosia
fire & ice - edgar winter
ship - gnidrolog
side b - westerbur & rowe
lucky seven - chris squire
words unspoken - supertramp
sewers down inside - axis
hairless heart - genesis
earthbound - absolute elsewhere
supertwister - camel
only cox - caravan
per un amico - premiata forneria marconi
coasting - a band called o
mein mashine lst schon - cos
marie antoinette - curved air
cadence and cascade - king crimson
sunwheel - paul winter consort
long piece no.3 pt. 2 - egg
there no more - flash
Download /Photo by Neil Krug 


Ursula 1000 said…
Ambrosia...who knew? Sweet mix!
Anonymous said…
Hi. This is a great mix. I'm gutted that the download has reached it's limit on soundcloud. Is there anywhere else I can get it?
Cheers everyone...

New download link is up now.
Anonymous said…
Dozing in bed with a dis- orientating ear infection loving this dreamy mix - fantatic stuff. many thanks - Rob

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