Midnight Storm by Porcaro Club

Following his Driftin' mix last Spring, Helmut aka Mr Mellow from Légère Recordings / Lounge Records and the Porcaro Club (named after the legendary drummer of Toto) returns with a new mix. And once again it's "a  trip into the night-joys of L.A. / California circa 1976-1978" featuring "soft rock disco, funky yacht rock and even more blue-eyed sunshine soul."

1 Maureen McGovern – Midnight Storm
2 Con Funk Shun – California 1
3 Korona – I Remember You (And What We Used To Do)
4 Boz Scaggs – Miss Sun
5 The Souther, Hillman & Furay Band – Follow Me Through
6 David Gates – 20th Century Man
7 Bill Labounty – California Turnaround
8 Ben Sidran – That Fine Day
9 Clover – Another Look
10 Bruce Roberts – The Guys You Dance With
11 David Cassidy – Give It Up For Love
12 Robbie Dupree – Lonely Runner
13 Fred Knoblock - Bigger Fool
14 Dean Friedman – Hey Larry
15 Bruce Johnston – Disney Girls


professor Eddy said…
I love the voice of Maureen McGovern! Cool mix.

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