Dedicate This Heart - The Doobie Brothers

 Featured in both our  Ready 4 Airplay and Really, Really Smooth Music series, 'Dedicate This Heart' is the last great song of The Doobie Brothers' Michael McDonald era. Written by McDonald and Paul Anka (he of 'My Way' fame) this was the opening track of the 1980 album One Step Closer, which aside from the hit single Real Love, was an otherwise forgettable effort. Touring fatigue, substance abuse, the oversaturation of the 'McDonald sound' in the market and the perception that the other guys in the Doobies had become diminished by McDonald's fame and talent are all reasons cited for the relative failure of the album and the subsequent break-up of the group in 1982. But you'd never guess anything was wrong listening just to 'Dedicate This Heart', one of the most dynamic and uplifting tracks of Westcoast's golden age. 


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