Just Yesterday by Moonboots

Thanks for Glenn Kitson of Rig Out, the International Lifestyle Magazine, for tipping us off about this mix by Moonboots which was featured last week in their Rig Out Radio series. As Moonboots describes it this is a mix of “Sunday breakfast acoustics. Bristolian hippy folk. Lazy, west coast melancholia. A Cheadle private pressed 80s rarity. Protest songs and hymns to a long lost love. Empty promises. All within an hour or so. A train journey from Levy to Wigan. A flight to Amsterdam. 'The wind blows, the grass grows'. Just yesterday.” 

No track list is available but we did spot the superb closing track "Two Weeks Last Summer"  by Fotheringay and the late Sandy Denny. There are a number of versions of this song - by the Strawbs, Dave Cousins and even by Fotheringay themselves - but this one (originally recorded in 1970 but released in 2008) is by far the best and appears on their album  Fotheringay 2

Download at Rig Out Radio


Holly said…
Oh man, "Two Weeks Last Summer" chokes me up.
Noel Chidwick said…
This is just wonderful, and topped off beautifully by that final song. The sun will always shine when listening to this.

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