AOR Mix for Wax Poetics by Ed Motta

“I was never a teenager. I was born fifty years old,” said Ed Motta in a recent interview. “And this is the music I grew up listening to: Christopher Cross, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Alessi Brothers, all these things. And in the last five years, I’ve become obsessed with AOR. There's an underground movement happening with many artists all over the world. Even Daft Punk called Paul Williams to be on their project. So, maybe it’s coming back a little, the idea of technical eloquence in music.”  
Ed Motta is Brazil's foremost AOR musician and collector, and it's hard to imagine we'll hear a smoother mix this year than this one. And many of the tracks are extraordinarily rare.  You can read Ed's track by track commentary on the mix at Wax Poetics.

1. Erik Tagg “Got to Be Lovin’ You” (1977)

2. Gilles Rivard “Je Reviens” (1981)

3. Makoto Matsushita “First Light” (1981)

4. Willy Santana “Mais Uma Chance”

5. Buzstop “I Sort Og Hvidt” (1982)

6. Pages “Two People” (1979)

7. Spinetta Jade “Bajo Belgrano” (1983)

8. Nohelani Cypriano “Lihue” (1979)

9. Pete Brown & Ian Lynn “Broken Windscreen Dance” (1982)1

0. Marilyn Scott “Let’s Be Friends” (1979)

11. Junior Mendes “Copacabana Sadia”

12. FCC “Falling Out of Love” (1980)

13. Steely Dan “I Got the News” (1977)

14. James Ward “Take Hold” (1981)

15. Alan Sorrenti “Per Sempre Tú” (1979)

16. Byrne & Barnes “Love You Out of Your Mind” (1981)

17. Taeko Ohnuki “Summer Connection” (1977)

18. Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti “Maria” (1984)

19. Gé Titulaer “Wild Willies Marango” (1979)

20. Archie James Cavanaugh “Light Unto the World” (1979)


professor Eddy said…
Astonishing mix! Ed Motta proves to be a AOR connaisseur par excellence.
thekingmob said…
Holy shit and I thought I could do rare tunes. Off the charts!!
Anonymous said…
Yes love it love it love it

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