Now What? (West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock Volume 6) by pH

With nearly 150,000 plays so far, the West Coast, Sunset Disco and Yacht Rock series by Paul Hillery has been one of the highlights of 2014. Recorded from extraordinarily difficult find vinyl originals this series manages to appeal to the serious collector and to people new the arcane world of rare 1970s smooth music. 

Jeff Eubank - Adolescent Daydream (LP/Dorothea Records/1983)
Bill Agle - Sunset (LP/TGS Records/1979)
John Culliton Mahoney - Love Not Guaranteed (LP/Amherst Records/1973)
Eric Relph - Gold Or Silver (LP/Not On Label/1978)
The Right Of Little Rest - Dreams, Part Of Me Part Of You (LP/TNA Records/1976)
Carsten Bohn's Bandstand - Now What? (LP/Erlkönig Schallplatten/1977)
Dave Lewis - Let's Stay Right Here Forever (LP/Polydor/1978)
Johnny Tame - It's Going Down Hill (LP/Ariola/1980)
Danny O'Keefe - 3:10 Stormy Thursday (LP/Cotillion/1970
Rod St. James - Three Quarters Of An Hour (LP/Paula Records/1972)
Shoot - Mean Customer (LP/EMI /1973)
Dean Richard - Sweet Love In The Sunshine (LP/T&R Records/1979)
Kim Beacon - My Blues Have Gone (LP/Rialto/1979)
Jeff Harrington - Caught You (With The Ocean In Your Eye) (LP/Centerpiece Records /1977)
Scott Cunningham - Morning Madness (RE7”/Disques Superfriends/2011)


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