AOR Disco Spring Into Summer Mix by DJ Same

Here's another awesome mix from DJ Same, a legend in AOR Disco world but wildly underrated elsewhere. Once again he brings us the best of recent house and balearic remixes with a hint of soft rock (not least Red Ken's inspired revamp of Ned Doheny's Labour of Love, a former exclusive on this site) and well as some great originals such First Aid Kit's 1970s country homage My Silver Lining.

1. Factor 30 by Bjarno
2. Don't Step on the Grass by Laid Back
3. Down for the Third Time (Joey Negro Down For The Fourth Time Edit) by Bobby Caldwell
4. Labour of Love (Red Ken Mix) by Ned Doheny
5. My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit
6. Valley (feat Rab Achin) by Q Function
7. Disco Dimension by Ed Wizard / Disco Double Dee
8. Summer Love by Ed Wizard / Disco Double Dee
9.What's My Name (Dub Mix) by The Kenneth Bager Experience
10.Waiting Game (Soft Rocks Remix) by Kalidasa
11. Gitarra by Coyote



professor Eddy said…
Great picture of the happy couple Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett!

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