Go! (Kauf Remix) - Public Service Broadcasting

We first came across Kauf a couple of years ago with the release of Relocate (both the original and Psychemagik remix versions, both outstanding) and although his output since then has been sparing he delivers every time (see his take on Labyrinth Ear's Lorna).  Based in Los Angeles, Kauf has a hazy, smooth yet melancholic sound which is so characteristic of the music from this city. 

"I usually pick my single favorite element from the original track, strip away everything else and build something entirely new around it," he says of this remix of Go! by London-based Krautrockers Public Service Broadcasting, which is out today. "Usually that element is the vocals, but this time it was a synth melody.  I hadn't worked on a remix for an album that had a strong singular concept before, in this case the space race, so I was inspired to add some vocals that loosely relate that drive to explore the universe to something a little more personal, like getting to know another person."    


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