LOVING YOU: Slightly Leftfield AOR, West Coast, Sunset Disco and Hot Tub Soul by pH

Paul Hillery aka pH returns with his latest mix of ultra-rare tracks from the 1970s in his long-running and much-loved series for us. The selection features Paul's customary expertise when it comes to folky AOR but this time he brings in a jazzy, leftfield element which works so well - and which hints at the direction this series might take now. 

Spinning Motion - Devotion To You
Justen O'Brien & Jake - Time Will Tell
Johnny Cobb - My Love Will Find You
Endaf Emlyn - Santiago
Ron Drago - Loving You
Jeffery Liberman - Transition
Gary Marks - Gathering
NazJazz - Nuclear Dream
Mark Horn - Someday
Parrish & Gurvitz - Another Time, Another Day / Take What You Want
Harpo - D.J.
David Bendeth - Breakdown
David Chalmers - Houston
John Allmark - Valley Of The Unicorns
The News - New York City


professor Eddy said…
I like this kind of country folk or psychedelic folk a lot, but I don't quite understand why it is called 'AOR', 'hot tub soul' and 'sunset disco'. Maybe someone can explain?
pH said…
Hi Professor Eddy! Thanks for saying you like the mix. I will try to explain the genre labels - I try and not get stuck in a genre bubble and the genre names are the mix are a little tongue in cheek. I guess my Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadour mixes are more in the line psychedelic folk. But on my AOR mixes I try to go for SSW and more Album-oriented rock angle. I wouldn't call Johnny Cobb, Ron Drago or most of the others folk. Gary Marks and NazzJazz are more Jazz. And Parrish & Gurvitz and The News are what I'd call AOR. Perhaps trying to come up with genres even tongue in cheek is a bit confusing - the next mix I will just call 'A Mix For AOR Disco' - hope that helps explain and thanks for listening <3 pH
Holly said…
Hi Paul, do you have any more info on the last track by The News. I like it! Not an easy band or title to search though... Thanks!
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
pH said…
Hi Holly only 2 years late ! Sorry !!! https://www.discogs.com/News-Hot-Off-The-Press/release/2879064

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