Turn Your Back On Love (Flying Mojito Bros Refrito) - Crosby, Stills and Nash

"Slight conundrum, We never know whether or not to seek to bring our edits to the attention of the original artists," says Jack Sellen of The Flying Mojito Bros. "David Crosby is active on Twitter and this got our hopes up that he's open to new stuff and if we put it his way then of course he'd love it and with one single effortless retweet the Flying Mojito Bros would be catapulted into superstardom in a maelstrom of mezcal, mary jane and models. Until we dug a little deeper and discovered his tweets on disco... "I was so high I totally let Ronald Reagan and Disco happen"; "...didn't like disco...but kind of liked Bee Gees as people" and "disco sucks". Then the icing on the cake: "...I like rap better than I like disco and I like about one percent of rap." BUT WHAT ABOUT DISCO-NOT-DISCO UNCLE CROZ?? Cos we're not sure what this is. Hope y'all enjoy it anyhow."

The download of this edit is currently available but the 1982 original which features Stephen Stills  (not on Twitter) on lead vocals and The Croz (hurtling toward rock bottom in this era) on backing vocals can be bought here. The Flying Mojito Bros will be DJing at the much-anticipated debut UK headliner live performance of the superb West Coast revivalists Young Gun Silver Fox in London this Thursday. For more information head over to the event page on Facebook.


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